Our Beef

We are throwing common misconceptions of grassfed beef out the window. We embrace flavor, texture, and fat. Through our genetic work, we have bred a line of cattle that finishes well, has intramuscular fat, a fat cap that will allow our carcasses to properly dry age, and provides an eating experience that you will remember. Our cattle possess the epigenetics to thrive on Virginia’s perennial forages and thrive within our context. Soil type, forage, moisture, topography, sunlight all influence flavor and, like wine, our beef has its own distinctive terroir which we are excited to share with you.

Our genetics have a direct correlation to the quality of our beef as well. No part of our operation is siloed from another. We’re diligent that we have the right genetics that work in our system and in our environment to achieve our ecological and culinary goals. We began nearly 20 years ago developing a line of Aberdeen Angus cattle that were direct descendants of old line Aberdeen Angus cattle from the 1950’s and 1960’s to re-create a genetic line that thrives on an all grass, no grain system. We began with genetics from The University of Maryland’s Wye program, Ballot of Belladrum, Pinebank Waigroup 41/97, and Octoraro Angus. The foundation of our cow herd has deep pedigrees from these programs.

In line with our regenerative management, we are adapting our genetics to continue to possess positive epigenetic traits that fit our context. In 2023, we began to add South Poll and specific Red Angus pedigrees into our herd to improve heat tolerance in an adapting climate. This will also help with the overall growth and vitality of our calf crop and subsequent replacement heifers through hybrid vigor. This will allow our genetics to continue to improve, adapt, and perform.


Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Grassfed 

We carry two certifications from A Greener World, Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Grassfed. Each of these certifications audits different aspects of our beef program. Animal Welfare Approved ensures that we’re using the highest standards in animal welfare throughout the lifespan of the lives of our cattle. From conception to abattoir, Animal Welfare Approved audits and monitors the entire process. Certified Grassfed ensures that there is another layer of trust in our products that our cattle consume only grass throughout their entire life and we go about managing our grasslands to complement the nutritional needs of our cattle.

Land to Market

In 2023, we were verified through Savory’s Ecological Outcome Verification Program and we pursued the Land to Market program affiliation to accompany this verification. As part of our commitment to address climate change and heal the planet, we are proud to partner with Land to Market™, the leader in regenerative agriculture and the world’s first outcomes-based regenerative sourcing solution. Regenerative agriculture is a nature-based approach that goes far beyond sustainability to continuously improve the entire ecosystem — soil, water, air, and animals.

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