“A living, evolving and naturally functioning environment where abundance and resilience are recurring outcomes of its underlying health.”

Our Farm Store

Our Grassfed Beef

Nature is amazing and we utilize patience and observation as two primary methods of management here at Kinloch. There’s so much more to grassfed beef than just grass and cows! Today, the third generation of Curriers are enthusiastically engaging in the family legacy with a retail market for Kinloch grassfed beef, honey and other locally grown foods. They are supported in this effort by a team of long tenured professionals in the fields of agriculture, conservation and business.

Our Conservation Efforts

Our conservation focus is in our 205 acres of native meadows, 105 acres of native warm season grasses, 311 acres of riparian buffers, and our hardwood forest habitat. Through our management we promote native species diversity, wildlife and pollinator habitat, refuge and nesting ground for migratory grassland birds, health and vitality of our waterways, as well as carbon sequestration. We quantify this work through our research partnerships with local, regional, and national organizations.