Our Farm Store

We opened our first ever farm store with a desire to continue our history of supporting our local community. Since opening, we’ve expanded from offering our own Kinloch Farm products to a curated market of goods from Virginian producers. Our store is located at the entry to rural Virginia, nestled within the fields our cattle graze, and just outside the historic town of The Plains. We carry a complete inventory of cuts of our grassfed, grass-finished beef and other select products from our farm. We hope that you will stop by our store and continue on to visit the shops, restaurants, and attractions of our town and community. We also encourage you to come further support Virginia farmers on Sundays from 10am to 2pm when we share our location with the long-standing Archwood Green Barns Farmers’ Market.

Food from our farm

We sell a complete selection of our Certified Naturally Grown Grassfed Beef  and Honey  from our Apiary. Our beef inventory fluctuates with the seasons, but we regularly have many of your favorite cuts in stock along with some others you may not be as familiar with. These include classics such as half-smokes, ribs, and hamburger patties. We strive to use the entire animal and limit waste, so we also offer organs and bones. Our honey is harvested from our bees that feast on pollen in our native meadows as well as other naturally occurring pollen sources.

Our Current Retail Price List Can Be Found Here.
Whole/Half Beef

Pricing Structure for Whole and Half Purchases:
Whole Beef: $4.50/lb
Half Beef: $4.75/lb


Wholesale opportunities available to select professionals. Please inquire via our contact form for current availability.

Food From Our Friends

We work with a variety of local Virginia farms and artisan producers to bring you a curated variety of local meat, dairy, and other specialty goods from Virginia. Each one of our local producers shares our common goal to provide you and your family with the most ethical and highest quality products from around our region.

If you are interested in becoming a local producer partner please reach out via our contact form.

Featured Farm Partners

Hidden Creek Farm

Based in Upperville, Virginia provides us with Katahdin lamb & Tamalitsa™ Pork raised using regenerative farming methods.

Rucker Farm

Based in Flint Hill, Virginia provides us with Cornish-Cross chickens raised on fresh pasture and supplemented with non-GMO, non-medicated feed from Sunrise Farms.

Pleasant Vale Farm

Based in Delaplane, Virginia provides us with lamb and pork from their third-generation family farm.

Swallowtail Ridge

Based in Warrenton, VA provides us with a unique line of soaps and salves incorporating our grassfed beef tallow.

Living Pastures Farm

Based in Marshall, VA provides us with regeneratively raised pastured chicken.

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